AB)UNDANCE is you, me and all in between.

Abundance is a beautiful word that describes a large amount of something. In our case it’s all positive so you can imagine what our examples would be. Founder of Abundance & Things is Sebastian Hart, who plays the Creative Director role in Blind Color Hats. And now I will stop talking about myself like I am not the one writing this.


Hello Beautiful People, I am that guy which I just spoke about. What is AB)UNDANCE? Well AB)UNDACE started like this:

Due to the power of manifestation which was introduced into my life in an ENC1102 Class in Miami-Dade College by professor Warren Dittmar,  I came across the understanding that everything in life is possible and it’s at our reach. All we have to do is focus on the positive ways of making your dream life happen and your life will manifest and unfold right in front of you. With that thought I began to change my ways of speaking and eliminating negative expressions and/or phrases from my vocabulary. I started to add new empowering, strong positive words and affirmations into my vocabulary and the word, Abundance became my favorite.

The more I used the word, the more I became the word.  Today Abundance & Things is all things creative, and our main objective here is to present Positive headwear with a smile the best way we can. The Abundance Crew consists of many talented individuals who help generate all the great imagery you see through out this website, YouTube and social media. The creative talent in front of the camera and behind. Some of those individuals are:

JC BU, creative entertainer and video producer who creates extraordinary content for the brand. Legendary Alex whose photograph you can see in the HOME page. Alex Veliz adds great value to the brand by generating unique and  excellent photography. Angel Ayra, a strong force on the ground who advocates and carries the message everywhere he goes. Collecting loyal customers and generating strong leads. DiLyon Creative Group (Mario), our website specialist and creative director for all things 3D. Marcus  Anderson, founder and CEO of Blind Color Hats. The Hatmaker and Excutive Designer of positive headwear with a smile. These are only some of the key players in generating Abundance & Things. Every member on our ‘About Section’ is essential to the execution.


This is The Age of Abundance, one individual does not do one thing but all things. We will continue to grow and we’ll continue to create abundance. We believe the whole world loves us and it’s on our side. We manifest to only attract extraordinary individuals and we know we are always in the right place at the right time. AB)UNDANCE & Things is you, me and all in between. Good Day Beautiful people. Good Day Every Day, hey!


Sebastian Hart – Creative Director – Abundance & Things, LLC. #BlindColorHats