Blind Color

Blind Color began as a reminder to find the good in every day.

It’s more than a hat, it’s a mindset, a service, an idea. Find light in all that you see and focus on the positive. The hat is just the vehicle, the message is what matters, and that message is, it’s a good day every day.

Blind    Col • or


/blīnd/ + /ˈkələr/

unable to see; sightless.

the property possessed by an object of producing different
sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.




Blind Color, founded in Wisconsin by Marcus James was created as an idea. An idea that one day our Blind Color Hats would be seen worn by people all over the world who understand the power in positive thinking. It’s a new age, health and well being has become our generations greatest attribute and we believe it all starts with a healthy mindset. To truly believe that it is a Good Day Every Day is to believe that you are always in the right place at the right time, to understand that ones journey is as important as the destination, and to live in faith that the whole world loves you and is on your side. With Blind Color Hats we place that message on the very top of our whole existence, above our minds, right on our heads. Good Day Every Day, hey!


We operate out of Coral Gables, Florida and we have several team members who are essential to the delivery of your positive vibes:


Luci is the nucleus of this operation. Luci is our industrial sewing machine and she only operates under heavy doze of positive energy.

Led is the light that makes us see all the great things in place. Literally, Led is named after LED which means, light emitting diode. Led is literally, the man!

Dyno is our muscle, he’s our heavy lifter. He’s in charge of weighing out the positive vibes we send you. Dyno is our scale.

Mac is our Creative Engineer. All things visually stimulating were created by Mac, by simply a few taps on the keyboard and/or mouse.

Cann can do anything with a lens. He’s in charge of capturing all social media photography and/or video. Cann does it, simple and beautiful.

Cann Jr. is the little guy. When we have to get down and dirty, even go under water to get the shot. Cann Junior is a little Blue Cannon Camera that gets it done.

Ro is our hero. Our GoPro hero.


Our hats are made in a complete positive atmosphere because we believe the energy with which the hat was created will carry on to the final product, and ultimately to the person who receives it.


Our goal is to take one day at a time, sharing the idea of manifesting a good day, a good life, a good eternity with the power of manifestation. We are creating the possibility of sharing this message with the world and believe we only attract the most extraordinary individuals.  Thank you for clicking over and reading about us. An abundance  of positive vibes your way. Good Day Every Day, hey!